Solitude Aeturnus Band Line-Up (1987)

"From our first photo session as a band this was used for the Justice For All demo tape insert. One of my fave promo photos, this was have been late 1987. With Brad Kane, Chris Hardin, myself, Kris Gabehart, Tom Martinez." ~John Perez

Solitude Aeturnus Band Line-Up (1987)

Welcome To Solitude Official

Thank you for joining us at

A lot of "Solitude Aeturnus" social media that you see, including the Facebook page under that name, has nothing to do with the official band or band members.

So current and former members of Solitude Aeturnus - including but not limited to: Robert Lowe, John Perez, Steve Moseley, Kurt W. Joye - have gotten together to bring an official home to Solitude Aeturnus under the new social media handle of @SolitudeOrigins

Over the next several days, weeks and months, we'll be showcasing memorabilia dating back to the origins of Solitude, remastered video and live shows, new clips and interviews, as well as following along with current and future projects of Solitude bandmates past and present.

And while there is no current plan for a Solitude Aeturnus reunion, the best place to show your support for future Solitude projects is @solitudeorigins