Solitude Aeturnus - LIVE at Hell's Heroes VI March 22, 2024 in Houston, Texas

Solitude Aeturnus LIVE at Hell’s Heroes VI (2024-03-22)

Couldn't make it to Hell's Heroes VI? Check out our show from March 22!

Solitude Aeturnus - Hell's Heroes Update from John Perez

One Week Until Hell’s Heroes VI (2024-03-15)

In just one week we will be rocking out LIVE at Hell's Heroes VI! Are you ready for us to get heavy with a 3 GUITAR ATTACK? Can't wait to see you there March 22.

Solitude Aeturnus - Hour of Despair Deluxe Edition Update from John Perez

Message from John Perez, Solitude Aeturnus Founder (2024-03-12)

Solitude Origins Podcast Episode 2 Part 2 with John Perez

Solitude Origins Podcast Episode 002 Part 02 (2022-09-25)

Joining us for Episode Two of our all new Solitude Origins podcast series is Solitude Aeturnus founder and guitarist John Perez.

Hosted by Steve Moseley and Kurt Joye, our second podcast welcomes John Perez to the all new Solitude Origins platform.

Here in Part Two we'll be reviewing fan submissions via Facebook, remembering the original short-lived line-up and reviewing the John Perez dress-code of Heavy Metal.

Solitude Origins Podcast Episode 002 Part 02 (2022-09-25)